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Compatibility in the function sign in the function company in the function interest and passion but and the function of the of the education partners. Are the multiple ways na fix cat of the are compatible 2 people of a of the love But people of science have found ca a given usually shows for actually compatibility perfect between second people and it never you no of the no education profession no of age although is conditioner - to the - all These.

The essential that looks how to the are 2 pin people is verbal expression. Cat two people the most many funny common in the cat speech their speech is more like with so it is the may well matched.

People use same rent of words - of the to verb prepositions conjunctii and verbs - have more mul te likely to be together a relationship of torque for the have a compatibility very wholesale look in the study recently published in the journal specialty "Psychological Science" Research of the that there are photos words used of both partners. How are The most many with so compatibility is the great.

22 am !"%off / " am " %gone 22Ma rushing!" " am " %late 22Niciodata" / "Nicicand" are just a of variations of certain affirmations . Partners with the level compatibility wholesale use of the same expression rule. At the use them that all des (sau ) pronoun rar "Eu"/ "Ea"/ "El" but and the that express words a quantity "o lot ... or" "o lot "..

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