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All more multi Romans it married and do kids

The Romans isi want what in in what may much to establish a family Data Institute of National Statistics (INS) in last month of a summer this year have come on the world 511 baby more than than in the Moon previous recording so 21.051 births.

In august 2014 number newborns has been more big with 5.151. more than than both number couples who who unit has been fate with the most 4.900 than in July but more small than at the same period a year past.

“Sporul natural a fost pozitiv in luna august, de 1.774 persoane (nascutii-vii avand un excedent fata de decedati), la fel ca in luna iulie. Numarul deceselor copiilor cu varsta sub 1 an, inregistrate in luna august a fost de 122, in scadere cu 15 fata de luna iulie 2015 (137 decedati sub 1 an)", se arata intr-un comunicat de presa al INS.

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