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5 freaky things that the men feel attracted

Still not been found exact recipe a happiness men. But with steps small are all the found many of the ingredients.

Series ciudateniilor who representations sex nice do you have about mens here some of the things that they you are attractive to a woman:

1. Fear

Fear is a of the most weird things that you can I love but men like them. Do isi want see to the partner right inspaimantata but then when it is little her have scared opportunity to a protect and to a defend assuming so as the hero.

2. physical Layout light sloppy

Of course men you like women on the that the their aspect worries physical With the that are the that moments isi want to see partner nemachiata and no in hair fixative without "interventia" heels or a dresses uncomfortable what ? Just for the that I know whoever has opportunity to the natural beauty enjoy and its are sense to the business see on women in the of the hard poses accessible.

3. Glasses

Men no no you like or myopia hypermetropia in the self are some disease that is in still of the treated specialists. But I love women that the goggles Be as are the mind of protection or Sun really women with goggles are very sexy in conception men. So as the contact lenses not more have point now after what it information precious of out in light.

4. Clothes with the camouflage print

Passing over that the women are you loot for the their men appreciate any representative of sex nice that the share some of the specific interests . and just if is the thing reflected strict in the what watch fashion clothes and "vanatorii" are the attracted women that the camouflages.

5. Focus and voice

No matter as the time talk ai of origin twist Moldavian or as talk with the simple perfect tense, men you like those elements of the that speech apart of . Are very attention and the tone voice that for some women be can even secret of a man.

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