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3 by ways that you hurt of the partner unconsciously torque

Are you accustomed to deal only in life and now as exit in a relationship torque things have became may . many times but old habits not be watch and without sa want you can hurt feelings the one next to you. here is three mistakes common on the that you you do.

1. do you think as the may handle without your help

Men hair as no have need of the presentations and encouragement but things no stand no so Have need as muunca their to be popular of life of torque Ba more than then when is the greets weights waiting to have all your support.

2. Not il present friends

Exit amndai in the city from intalmpare te meet with a a sua friend group of friends Nothing no may be more than heartbreaking sa look as it is with you Know well as men are orgoliosi over measurement and the most will be feel of offending behaviour Ta.

3. no claim help

You're a woman independence and you you sa learned handle only in any . Of the times no catering your was wrong as the partner sa-ti offer Suns and you you say as the handle ? only Making this understand as not be to do good that the which what is %innaceptabil of the mens towards Trying to claim help from when in just when if you handle of wonder and only.

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