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What happens is skin hair a women in during pregnancy

Says as the female is the beautiful in during pregnancy than anytime altcandva life in but the new months of the child development may be and effects bad over and the skin hair.

A effect bad it change the skin pigment which may be of the visible a 20 to the week pregnancy Women you have more dark skin are the most target pigment changes.

Changing color of the may take following forms:

1. Nipples get may closed at color and the increase. Aureolele is the to expand among their .

2. on the chest and of the burticii a appears stripe more dark at color

3. can depigmentari and show in the girl but and the to some roseli women pregnant

4. Woman pregnant the that go to the may Beach Tan patchy

Skin dry and stretch marks

Many women have skin dry several Monday good in during pregnancy ground for that moisturizing is Holy Moisturizing proper may just excessive may prevent or at least stop expansion stretch marks who are the chosen in the burticii. moisturizing Sunscreen and can do oil wonders really a woman pregnant not be can da with any on skin but be alternatives natural much more effective than any cream of any price market : olive oil calendula oil. Used daily tracks pregnancy will be very putin may even no after birthday visible.

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