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Prepare your child for ! kindergarten How to do the most easy parting in first day

Baby your begin kindergarten and the most big nightmare of your is the on reaction a will be in the in that will go and il you let alone in first day Anxiety of the start separator to the age toddler and the p to continue z6 years but know Pinnacle at age school For to avoid script the that the small tavaleste of the cried and screaming after you to do you leave single here some tricks that I transition more easy and il ready to the time!


Talk-i of the time kindergarten

Start to the with grope for one or two weeks before Start kindergarten. Talk-i about the that change the will have place in life of the about what are you going there etc. Put focus on things and the positive activities that they seat at student speak about how we know children new how are you play and the will fun with them but and the what things lovely will teaches there.

It introduces with the and utility

All with a days before start to go in the on the ride kindergarten, for to get with the and to do the most transition light building Explore spaces of play and the city in visit same time in the that tell about the beautiful things that they will be there. do knowledge and with the teacher before Start kindergarten, so that baby to be acquainted with the and to be easy may be sa just in company her when you you let first in out day.

Do not leave on SW

Multi parents wrong when you SW subside from about the child first day of student, for a avoid coplesitorul time of separation. sudden of Disappearance Visual RADIUS a child will increase level anxiety al it il will scare and the safety will be factor to a releaser access rage. Get your always and review of the your child just if when you let with a and tears sighs!

Ensure it that you you back after he

Announcing your child ca is the to go with the smile lip and ensure it that you you back after el tell and the time exact will get sure like not be late to to do the and increase much more anxietya to do to the lose confidence in you.

Dial-will separation rituals

Sweetens putin separation with a custom of ritual Fedonati break a song together pupati your more more or or a game invented with the Palm beats for the mark time and the most detensiona atmosphere.

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