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How to share love in a draw between kids and what is going if not a do

There is no a way to the world grant same sort of attention and love parents between children in a draw Differences made of the parents show in the small or more as big girl of a family children Solution problem is sa compensezi constant lack of attention on a experience on rand children tai say psychologists.

Kids various action different

Kids tai are the light different the to the their needs just and the behaviour Things they will go to a inevitably differentiation parents girl of the small Attention and love given one of children no is but final la various age these changing roles enter her.

Not ai how to avoid the thing claim experts but can very well I atenuezi shock of them reflected paying attention the their needs and individual striving for them sa le meet what may well.

Jealousy more big brother

For a b a maintains harmony in the family is the to well preparing land for coming of the second child No s to the first explain born major event and to creionezi in the big lines on role il will be el life in fratiorului or his younger andster.

After the birth of the the second child, the lack of attention in the mother may be slow through care available of Dad or of the grandparents So can avoid set a rivalitati enter brothers and emotional trauma puternic reandmtite de primul tau copil.

Clogs competition

As the will increase children tai will try to do the all a competition, doar pentru a-ti atrage atentia. Nu incuraja prea mult acest lucru, iar din cand in cand intra in jocul lor and castiga chiar tu intrecerea, pentru a le demonstra ca niciunul dintre ei nu poate ravni la primul loc pe podium.

Effects made gap between children parents

Emotional imbalance din interiorul unei familii este reandmtit din plin de catre cei mici and efectele acestei diferentieri facute de parinti sunt de lunga durata. Conform unui studiu efectuat de cercetatorii Univerandtatii din Toronto, primele semne ale socului in cazul differentiation parenting sunt deficientele de atentie and de socializare manifestate de copilul afectat.

Insa acestea se pot transmite and dincolo de perioada adolescentei, pana la varsta matura a individului, reflectandu-se in adevarate probleme pandhice ce vor afecta relatiile lui cu familia and in societate.

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