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EC sa ai in the time buy gift June 1 !

More are two days to the Day Child and the that parents left on last cent of m buying gifts for the their will will be present pool be it in the shops toys h... Offers are ! Includes countless ideal is the that but more chosen the total free to risk for the small health Here what are you match the may well in the function age as

What toys sa choose:

  • Pana la 1 an, copilul este fascinat de jucariile care fac zgomot si de cartile cu poze cu animale (vezi sa aiba foi cartonate - o sa le tranteasca si o sa le “deguste”).
  • Between 1 and 2 years dolls toys cubes on wheels answer need child of a be always in motion.
  • Between 2 and 3 years are the spotlight balls news games plasticines of construction (puzzle the superimposed cubes ) etc..
  • Intre 4 si 5 ani imita “ce fac mama si tata” si vor trusa medicala, mobile, carucior si haine pentru papusi etc.
  • To 6 years have made focus on the education games develop : domino memory chess lego form notes for kids etc..


Avoid how dangers

  • Check label : toy it specify age of the what may be used no risk compliance the use and if it contains chemicals.
  • I ii take one child p in 3 years toys with the detachable pieces with the below 3 diameter inches
  • Cubes has to be moi and no sharp corners
  • Metal toys is the to have shown margins and the finished surfaces toys of plus to be - at the and avulsion fracture
  • Make sure like clothes shoes and are made in the natural materials.


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