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Ear infections, the most FAQ medical at ! 6 babies symptoms that I I of empty

According to statistics over 60% of 25 cases flu at children end with the a development of ear infections. and how do you babies may warn as the hurt ear or as the feel bad it to important learn to recognize specific infections symptoms to the age for the to go with he from to in a treatment appropriate prescribing!

1. Touch common to the affected ear

On which discomfort pain infection caused it causes baby il will determine to go hands frequently to ear affected. Probably that will be touches short or that will try sa shoot of the ear lobe in quest of a offset symptom embarrassing.

2. excessive and Cried State of irritability

Ear infection by manifest pain local on your baby no o can express than through crying and the State irritability. So in the that in the lead child Crystal frequently ear and begin sa cry or to get the is very irritated likely to the be installed a to the infection ear.

3. Problems of sleep and the incapability of stand lying

Pain of embarrassing ear will disrupt rest night a child of case as the will symptoms accent in the that in the spread stand tries or sleep to a party.

4. Foot

If in the that you events more up down in your child behaviour is recommended to take one thermometer and to do you measure temperature body a little your . Fever one of symptoms that indicative always this a in body infections and the case symptoms prior is the may ear to be the this affected medical condition.

5. unusual of Secretions ear

Leaking of secretions white or color yellow of ear is the most clear beckoned as the your child of suffer from a yeast infection local case in that has to go of a el emergency at doctor.

6. Symptoms of cold flu

Ear infections are almost always preceded a the flu or the common cold. Daca micutul tau manifesta toate simptomele de mai sus si stii ca a fost racit or the flut, este cazul sa mergi cu el la pediatru pentru diagnosticul si tratamentul adecvate.

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