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Baby your is the and emotive shameful at school? how See il help you fight more easy with shyness!

Your child started kindergarten or school but sand as the all time retired let head in Earth times you strong the becomes red girl when teacher or a person foreign talk with it? The signs are the classic shyitatii o emotion natural in early childhood but that the may put in danger development social and even emotional school performance Here some tips the that you help child to overcome more easy shyness sa be more sociable and its end more more trust in he!

1. Do you DAB and the do not jokes account of

Avoid to do the child declaring it as being shameful, shy to do the 's jokes account of Are labels and the that no remarks do than to the most warmest much knife in "rana" and to the effect of self esteem on the long term.

Well no is not to indicated il force sa talk with the people foreign when I want times you il change the activities or in roles songs of theater for that is not ready All the steps will stress and more more anxiety thrax and the lead will of the new emotional problems.

2. encourage him his is the play with other kids

Depasirea shyitatii do with the and patience steps but sure the Before you have in the of the people power foreign and the let sa se do single to the indicated il help to the feel more relaxed and confident in groups small of children with age close of a of the that the meetings play with the children of encouragement to get in comes with other booking in Park and registration workshop of the play camp trips il will help in time to overcome this emotion overwhelming.

3. Be an example for he

If you are you a person always activate Hi all time makes of the people more probable that and baby will step on your tracks Is may easy for the child small to overcome shyitatea then when with Cabrera see usability communicate with the people when is the all time surrounded of individuals new.

4. learn it how to to make friends new

Child that the wake put in the Bank class and the children surrounded on no know quick anxious became Of the is the to be important with the he and the to a hand of help in how the that interact and the with socialize others colleagues. the their knowledge Mediates being almost and the all initiates variety of discussion between them. Do comments positive to address other kids and its encourage him enter in comes with them.

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