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5 problems of lactation with that you can face Look what would have to prevent!

For new moms pregnancy alaptarii may to be one the New complicated reactions of body you can deruta and the infection risk is a rose Here what would have to do the problems which may be in the feeding baby in san!

1. Pain of breastfeeding

First day In of lactation you can experience with the different sensations of pain up to unlock channels on travel milk Feeling of pain it will feel more chosen in the nipples Change position child if pain more than over of a minute. The most good position is in the that mouth child covers all the nipple area including breast areola . no use SOAP for washing the breast , because it dries out sensibilizeaza skin.

2. Nipples cracked

Nipples cracked painful are the result of the problems may be in many cases invalid grip of nipple of the baby Skin dry and the breast pumping a a a are incorrectly other causes that can lead at sfarcurilor . cracking Ask doctor how to the heal injury to the continue breastfeeding in safe . After each feeding at san, Let some drops milk to the clamp on nipple they will rush cure.

3. Channels lock lactation

Channels lock lactation then occurs when milk secreted you not be leak full. Can do the suspect bumps in tits, pain, and in some cases may defend a extended redness on san If the State feverish appear would have to the a consult doctor Is the as possible deadlock sa be degenerated into a infection. Try to the to you breastfeed regular intervals for the keeps channels lactation in a State perfect Evening apply hot and compresses massage your breasts a movement milk boost.

4. Breast engorgement

Engorgement represents filling excessive breast with milk Is the as possible problem to have been of the first and the to baby to be dislike feed the san Eases him feeding gently massaging her breasts before lactation just a party leaving the milk to the leak You the use as the good and the pump of san.

5. Production low milk

If not manage to create a quantity enough of milk for child feeding would have san to the use try pump san in times of the feedings but and a program more des lactation. The most many times these methods go increasing quantity milk.

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