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15 Tips for the child growth of the Ma Montessori

Maria Montessori este intemeietorul unei scoli care a oferit lumii oameni importanti precum Steve Jobs, fondatorul Apple, actorul Michael Douglas sau scriitorul Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Surprinzator, Montessori nu avea specializare in psihologie, fiind de profesie medic. Aceasta s-a remarcat insa prin studiile stiintifice asupra pedagogiei si a elaborarii metodei de educatie pe care multi o adopta si astazi. Iata 15 sfaturi esentiale din sistemul pe care l-a creat aceasta: 

  1. Children teaches everything in the natural environment.
  2. Respect baby in all the his manifestations.
  3. Give it the freedom motion in safety and the freedom to choose.
  4. Give him his chance win all the most long independence.
  5. Teach him by presentation activity not by correction.
  6. Fill them needs and in same time the to see which are and needs others.
  7. AI patient. If a child has need of may much time to a learning something grant him.
  8. A child that is the frequently criticized learn to the on judge others. If a child is the feels accepted learn to have trust in he.
  9. Observe your baby then when of wrong and the their fix mistake. stop when it then shares who want to do you are the potential hazardous.
  10. Do you talk bad child whatever if it is not or girl Always be ready to get when you request child then has need of help.
  11. When no has need of help no interfere and not a break child when is a over concentrate activities whatever is it.
  12. A look very important is environment in the that the child and living in that the must not to find objects unnecessary.
  13. Always talks and acts with the child using manners and give it all what you more good in you.
  14. Help your child get the and overcome imperfections. Fa this working with care retention and in a understanding peace and love.
  15. Help on child when find a activity and be unnoticed then when and the already found.

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