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Question you help sa buy gift perfect And not only of Christmas!

Christmas day of the birth anniversary birthday Many opportunities and all many gifts Pressure is big more chosen when it is the drag and someone want to buy of every date gift . A a British therapist found answer from this dilemma. and all what need to do the to go recipient a simple question.

Potrivit lui Dawn Walton, un psihoterapeut britanic in varsta de 43 de ani, tot ce trebuie sa faci pentru a stii exact ce cadou sa cumperi este sa intrebi destinarul urmatorul lucru: "Imagineaza-ti ca te plimbi pe o plaja. Cum este?". In functie de raspuns, vei stii si ce cadou sa daruiesti. Iata posibilele variante de raspuns: 

1. Raspuns vizual 

Someone who why sees describes beach that is a person Visual and gift would have to be from this spectrum. a photo frame custom or a album may right a book custom and in general things that the person that it may watch For a so of person and packaging gift is the importance.

2. Raspuns auditiv 

If person that begin to wave sound describes kingfishers etc does as the is the rule hearing. O so of person can be buried in gifts but if is not i "te say love you" not will be happy Not is no easy sa buy a gift for a so of recipient because likely have music all already . But can buy tickets to a concert or to a musical like and a subscription to a podcast or a collection special What know as le is the Please.

3. touch Answer

When person that begin by the your describes how are the beach feeling then know as the ai to do with a personality kinestezica. Touching is the most . You like heat and the love is manifested mainly through backend so A for the needs to buy something that to boost this : feel day to spa or a scarf soft hot manusti times something scented - a %lumare a scent etc. more explaining specialist quote of the British The Daily Mail.

4. Raspuns analitic 

Daca intrebarea ta este urmata de altele, ale interlocutorului - cum este afara?, unde se afla plaja?, cat de adanca e apa? etc - inseamna ca ai de a face cu o persoana analitica. Acesteia trebuie sa-i cumperi ceva ce ii va stimula gandirea. Poate fi ceva ieftin, banal sau ceva mai scump, acesta este un detaliu minor. Se va bucura si pentru o carte sau un abonament la o revista preferata, un set de DVD-uri gen Blue Planet, dar si daca ii vei cumpara un gadget. Important este sa poata "explora" acel cadou. photo

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