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How to get focus may well. Two , simple exercises but extreme of utils

If in place numerous uncontrolled thoughts and , as a quiet neighborhood there is only a , thought it would occupy camp whole attention of man and so would exercise a strength great, intense and the on a focused single thing

Alexandru Plesea, psiholog

> Why we in what may little time for new and for family but we in image in what may stressed us live life in speed no more make both of clear things that it going in our surrounding and focus no more e much time point our forte... are Experts do as development attention is a skill that it may be achieved independent external factors stress and it us help sa sleep may well sa learning more good to understand and its store may well sa we meet the loads service more effectively and per total to be more happy.
“Cand te concentrezi, iti conservi energia si nu o consumi pe ganduri sau activitati irelevante. De aceea, dezvoltarea concentrarii se dovedeste a fi vitala pentru oricine aspira la mai multa eficienta si independenta. Aceasta aptitudine este utila pentru atingerea succesului in orice. Fara ea, eforturile sunt imprastiate, dar cu ea, poti indeplini numeroase obiective”, explica psihologul Plesea, cunoscut opiniei publice drept "Antrenorul Mintii".

Without concentration our mind salt a plan to other

Psihologul este de parere ca, in contextul in care gandurile ne guverneaza existenta, am devenit atat de obisnuiti cu aceasta stare incat o privim ca fiind naturala. “Spre exemplu, atunci cand respiram, nu trebuie sa acordam atentie fiecarei respiratii. Devenim constienti de procesul de a respira doar in momentul in care avem probleme la acest capitol, cand avem nasul infundat, cand suntem raciti sau cand ne aflam intr-o camera neaerisita. Acelasi lucru se intampla si cu procesul producerii de ganduri. Devenim constienti de atacul constant al gandurilor si de neputinta noastra de a le calma doar in momentul in care trebuie sa ne concentram, sa rezolvam o problema sau sa invatam. Devenim si mai constienti cand avem temeri si griji”, spune psihologul Alexandru Plesea.
Mintea noastra sare de la un gand la altul in cele mai inoportune momente: atunci cand avem de finalizat o sarcina de la job sau trebuie sa invatam pentru examene. Greseala noastra, continua specialistul, este ca incercam activitati care sa ne distraga si mai mult de la concentrarea noastra, asa ca aprindem televizorul sau radioul, incepem sa ascultam muzica. Ne intoarcem iar la invatat, apoi ne aducem aminte de accidentul de aseara si tot asa. Cand ne uitam la ceas, ramanem uimiti ca a trecut deja o ora si abia am reusit sa citim jumatate de pagina. “Toate aceste lucruri se intampla din cauza ca nu ne-am dezvoltat, in timp, puterea de concentrare si mintea noastra nu este obisnuita sa isi focuseze atentia pe un singur gand, ci trece de la un gand la altul, fara sa tina cont de prioritati. Daca in locul nenumaratelor ganduri necontrolate si neingrijite, ar exista doar un gand, acesta ar ocupa intregul camp de atentie al omului si asa s-ar exercita o forta mare, concentrata si focalizata pe un singur lucru.”, declara psihologul Alexandru Plesea.

Who are the most effective exercise for development concentration?

Psihoterapeutul considera ca doua exercitii simple ne pot ajuta sa ramanem concentrati si sa ne punem viata in ordine, si anume “Concentrarea pe un singur obiect” si “Concentrarea prin respiratie”.
1. Exercise on concentration a single object

First step on the that it should be make it find a seat quiet favorite in nature and we adoption any position wish Next step is sa draw air in chest and its we focus attention on a object that we attracted attention from the first : an leaf a flower a cloud etc. For the ne measurement power of the use concentration can a timer and its we note the times focus of a on attention single object and aim is sa us increase times of . In the opinion Abc psychologist Whitaker can practice this exercise of 2 times on the day how many 10-15 minutes on the time session 30 of days In all this time we observed as mind our becomes may clara and good directed aim and towards ideas our and the level concentration raises significant memory it will improve.
2. Exercise by concentration describe me.

As and the preceding exercise and it involve find the first all of a seat his where location not be disruptive factors . For the ne time time on wish sa il allocate for the use meditation can timer phone mobile Then we column with place right on a a on Chair mattress of yoga or down right close eyes and we focus our attention on, breath time in that it is the at feels more powerful. Start count to a cycle 21 of the and Becky Carter in same time seek sa we keep attention just on the on inhalation nose Then when thoughts will enter in our mind we try sa not le ci reject to le and its approval we back easy attention towards air inhaling on nas When to the end we get a cycle 21 of the to describe me without we from outer thoughts ci just attention concentrated on the then inhalation can says that we reached aim and mind our will can sa isi use to the key parameters this function very important for our life.
"Cultivand in rutina noastra exercitiile de mai sus, efectele nu vor inceta sa apara. In clipa in care ne vom apuca de ele, vom incepe cu adevarat sa observam natura mintii noastre neastamparate, cum gandurile vin si pleaca fara sa vrem. Atunci ne putem pune intrebarea: Cine gandeste? Obiceiurile mele vechi de gandire sau eu, cel care vreau sa gandesc la un lucru’’, conchide psihologul Alexandru Plesea.
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