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How can you get rid in phobias 10 minutes

Each new of fear we life in our Some more small others more large and in cases more serious just phobias and the attacks panic. These we life in haunt childhood up to elderly and we influence huge much behaviour personality and the world relationships in our around.


Specialists Romanian Association Hypnosis use o method efficiency and very of the rapid escape of fear these who are the very pest for development our physical and mental.

Hypnotic Regression este o metoda revolutionara cu ajutorul careia putem sa mergem inapoi, in trecutul nostru, si sa aflam cauza principala a problemei cu care ne confruntam. Hypnotic Regression contine numeroase tehnici, iar una dintre acestea, extrem de simplu de utilizat chiar si fara ajutorul cuiva, se numeste Linia Timpului. Odata descoperita cauza, prin aceasta tehnica – cu sau fara inductie hipnotica – o putem descarca emotional, iar in numai 10 minute fobia noastra a disparut ca prin minune.

In a presentation held the to recently Oradea of the Eugen Popa towards Association President Roman of the it Hypnotism used technique Line Time with Dan a groundskeeper 22 years that it face with a strong phobia of snakes . In just 10 minutes specialist in the to hypnotherapy managed sa identify home cause for the that young developed this and its phobia a help sa escape of this the burden.

“Initial, am vrut sa ma asigur ca reactia sa este intr-adevar una puternica si m-am jucat putin cu imaginatia ei pentru asta. I-am sugerat ca are la picioare un sarpe. A avut un raspuns clar si instant, ceea ce mi-a indicat ca, intr-adevar, are o emotie negativa foarte puternica fata de serpi. Am inceput apoi sa lucram si sa ne jucam cu Linia Timpului si am gasit destul de rapid cauza fobiei sale, care s-a intiparit in subconstientul sau, in copilarie. Cum se intampla de foarte multe ori atunci cand faci o regresie hipnotica, simpla descoperire a momentului cand aceasta frica de serpi s-a instaurat in viata ei, a fost suficient pentru a o descarca. Am inceput sa port o discutie simpla cu Diana si am creat un alt raspuns la acel stimul (sarpele), dupa care am incheiat sedinta. Totul a durat fix 10 minute, iar problema ei a disparut pentru totdeauna”, explica Eugen Popa, presedintele Asociatiei Romane de Hipnoza.

Who are steps that must to the to give escape of phobia?

The steps are relatively simple available For everyone. a you help and of them cat apply well tracks proof and then practice and you for the escape of the most big fear in your life.

1) Check Line Time Find or imagine where is find Past and the your Future draw a line between them Not is binding as line to be right;

2) Discover attributes Line Time: thick color etc..;

3) In your mind stand at 2 to 3 meters above the line and keeps vineyard problem on want to a crack;

4) Looks the last towards and back floats up disc cause problem;

5) Identify details related cause na led to the problems of that apparition in your life;

6) Recadreaza this time Look whole situation from alt angle from other perspective;

7) Return back in present;

8) enjoy the result.

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