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11 things that the needs to the them that now toss to you a life may happy

A State of the spirit good balanced get and in our environment With how we of may making many things unhelpful that no do than sa we clutter life with so is the most to get difficult balance inside Iata 11 things that the needs to le fold even now:

1. Reviste vechi 

Nu le lasa sa aglomereze casa degeaba, slabe sanse sa le recitesti, indiferent daca este vorba de reviste glossy sau alt tip. 

2. Bills documents receipts

If ai paid bills throw them. Anyway everything is the internet now At as and any paper pe that a keep "pentru any case".

3. Clothes

If not you wore time of two years throw them without regrets Or may well donate them. With the safety someone has need of them and you will have satisfaction be made a good .

4. Carti 

If not you browse of few years donate them a libraries of neighborhood or a schools Probably no you you will need the may ever . In plus so do seat some new.

5. Vitamine si medicamente 

Expired. So you say.

6. Machiaj si parfmuri 

These expires And the become dangerous for skin your Maximum 36 of Monday of the open more just 24 months of may be keep.

7. Bijuterii 

Nu le mai porti, nu te mai reprezinta, s-au stricat. Nu mai ai nevoie de ele. 

8. Mancare 

FA clean in refrigerator and in the in kitchen cabinets . You help and in diet and for to have a life style of healthy In plus so you dai account what buy and so no as take 'll spending more little next date when you will go to shopping.

9. Amintiri 

Old or views objects received -na over of the time friends the that no you more viewer of the good Things that you like with true are the views and enjoy you with drag Rest are just "gunoi".

10. Agende vechi 

You have used and the most not contain important information ? to trash and with them.

11. Electronic

ALT NUMPAD unused. If not want to le fold donate them or sell them on the sites second hand.

Look how you made place in your life some things that we you can enjoy and the fill power. right that you feel more /usoara easy now? photo

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